The Printed Blog Has Some Food Articles In It

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The Printed Blog has landed. No exclamation point there, because we're not sure how we feel about this idea of taking web content, printing it out, putting some ads around it, and handing it to people on the street. If you don't live in its distribution area (Chicago) or you prefer to read your blog posts on an eye-straining monitor where they belong, you can read the whole thing [PDF alert] on their site.

Being food-minded as we are, we kept an eye out for the edible stuff. The inaugural edition boasts an article on French Toast that comes to you straight outta MySpace (originally published May 2008), a hot toddy recipe from Cloves and Cream (Jan 2009), and an anti-cupcake rant from So Good, that we'd call out for being old news, except that it was first published in its non-paper, online form all the way back in April of 2008.

It's like a time machine! It's great that they're reprinting blog posts, but in web terms, that's some stale content they're running (not that the old content is itself bad or anything). It needs to be more timely and up-to-date, or it risks being irrelevant.

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