A Series of Animal Cards

The Ragbag makes series of animal cards — similar to baseball cards, except they feature words related to the animals:

i have long been infatuated with the many specific terms applied to animals. it is only the frog who croaks and only the donkey that brays. deer travel in a herd, fish a school, wolves a pack, and crows (get this) a murder. there even exist specific names for animals’ tails, excrement, mating, birthing, and meat.

i am charmed by these terms not just because of their precision but because they recall an earlier time in human history when the animal (whether hunting it, breeding it, supporting it, or training it) was so predominant in the lives of a vast percentage of our ancestors. and so, as heirlooms they have bequeathed us these glittering gems.

and i have made them into baseball cards.


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