The West Virginia Hot Dogs Slaw Mapping Project

This map above shows the results from the West Virginia Slaw Mapping Project that analyzed and documented the different ways "Hot Dog Joints" (HDJs) serve their hot dogs:

While the vast majority of West Virginians prefer hot dogs topped with coleslaw, it is not a standard topping at hot dog joints everywhere in West Virginia. The food culture of our state is diverse and influenced by many factors such as predominate elasticities and a melding with cultures of surrounding states. This mapping project attempts to document this diversity.

All of the counties shaded in light green have been verified to have HDJs that include slaw as a topping on a hot dog with "everything". Light beige indicate counties where HDJs usually offer slaw, but usually by request only. In dark beige counties you can usually get slaw, but some HDJs may not offer it. Orange indicates counties where slaw is almost never available in mainstream HDJs. Finally, in those counties shaded red, slaw is unheard of.

There's also a super handy cross-section of a West Virgina hot dog:


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