@theBKlounge Details Burger King Brandjacking on Twitter

Turns out that theBKlounge on Twitter was a hoax, set up by Caleb Kramer, a student at Indiana University in Bloomington. On his personal blog, he removes the mask, writing a multi-part series about his experience hijacking the identity of Burger King. In part one he details how he posed as a fake spokesperson and how he tracked the viral spread:

Like most strange ideas this one came when least expected, while the mind was wandering. Chewing on a Whopper, washing it down with Dr. Pepper, all the while gazing out the window of the Indiana University Memorial Union and considering how I should put my soon to be tweet. “I am at the BK lounge."... I thought, how cool would it be if Burger King created a Twitter account called theBKlounge? Users could tweet “@theBKlounge” every time they visited the restaurant....

One thing led to another and now @theBKlounge has over 1500 followers and has received press from the likes of Advertising Age and the Los Angeles Times, been mentioned in Mashable’s 40 Best Twitter Brands, and has made the top of Digg twice.

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