Walter Scheib: Next White House Chef Will Be Chosen Without a 'Culinary Agenda'

Last week in a letter to the New York Times' dining section, Walter Scheib defended the culinary practices of the White House saying that "The presumptions of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, that the admirable agenda they espouse is not currently the practice in the White House kitchens, are false."

Today he made an appearance on NPR where he reiterated his opinions on the selection of the next White House Chef:

I would suspect that, for all the political agendas and all the culinary agendas that are being bandied about what the Obamas should do with their chef, is that Chris [Cristeta Comerford , the current White House Chef] has got a leg up on everyone. And secondly, there is only one person who will make this decision — It isn't Alice Waters, or Ruth Reichl, it's Michelle Obama. She'll be the one who makes the decision, not based on any sort of culinary agenda, but on what she perceives to be right for her daughters and her husband and her home.

Or as Schrambling put it: "Shut your pie holes."

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