WTF Mystery Ingredients on Chopped [video]

Last night's Food Network's Chopped featured unknown contestants. But WTF: the mystery ingredients in the entree challenge were daikon, pork loin, Napa cabbage, Thai chiles, and Blue Point oysters. The contestants were required to use them all in one dish.

Klaus Kronsteiner, the Chef de Cuisine at the Liberty National Golf Course, who "was born in Austria and came to America while playing in a German Oompa band," said it best: "I don't know who packed this up. If this would be one of my apprentice, I shoot him."

The Dishes

Chris: Pork medallions with tempura-fried Blue Point oyster, daikon potato cake, with braised Napa cabbage, garnished with fried daikon leaves

Pippa: Pork in oyster sauce with warm Napa cabbage slaw, and a fried oyster with dipping sauce

Klaus: Pork and oyster surf and turf, Napa cabbage salad, daikon with a raw oyster

Video: WTF Mystery Ingredients on Chopped

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