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This Week in Eat me daily: Zimmern Tattoo, South Park, Little Gordon Ramsay, etc etc

Meat market in Greece, photograph by Nicky "B"

We loved the South Park commercial that parodied Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' ad campaign.
We were excited when we found out that Little Gordon Ramsay will terrorize contestants on Hell's Kitchen.
We were confused why anyone would get Andrew Zimmern's face tattoed on their body.
We posted a video from the pilot [...]

When Ordering Pizza, Be Sure to Include Any Noble Titles [video]

On this week's The Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps, when ordering pizza, tried to get the "royal" treatment by telling the pizza delivery guy on the phone that the name is "Mrs. de Lesseps, Countess." (Her housekeeper/cook was visiting her family in the Philippines.)
In case you didn't know, LuAnn de Lesseps [...]

Helicopter Parents Wage Fraught Battle Against O-R-E-Os, Fun

Helicopter parents, the scourge of the education system, fellow public-transit commuters, and fun-loving citizens everywhere are now in the crosshairs of eating disorder specialists, according to a report in the New York Times.
In addition to little Dillinger and Gingerly’s increased risk of generalized anxiety, fear of failure, failure to thrive and stunted development, HP’s hysterical [...]

Vegan Rabbit Symbol

Jorge García, who plays Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in Lost, writes on his blog, Dispatches from the Island, about the marshmallows he loves that incidentally are vegan, as indicated by the rabbit symbol: "It seems like they don't quite understand what 'vegan' means. 100% vegan. And now with real rabbit."

The Future of Food: Bioengineered Frankenfood

In the "I think I'll have a salad for lunch, thanks" section of Portfolio, there are two articles covering the creepy future of meat science. The first is basically a summation of what agricultural Prince of Darkness Monsanto and company is up to these days:
In January, the Food and Drug Administration paved the way for [...]

Questions for Author of 'Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement' Article from New York Times Readers

The New York Times' Diner's Journal blog invited readers to submit questions to Oliver Schwaner-Albright, author of that article on how Brooklyn has "become an incubator for a culinary-minded generation."
Some of the questions aren't pretty: highly critical, ironic, indignant, and at times, angry. Some rightly so. (There's reasoned response to the haters as well.) Herein [...]

Making the Common Kitchen Knife Less Useful as a Murder Weapon

Felix Light, aka Little Gordon Ramsay
One might think it would be reasonable to assume that a study on designing safer kitchen knives would have some professional application. Perhaps commissioned by an insurance corporation to study which shape of handle causes the fewest mishaps, or which style of serrated knife is least likely to go skipping [...]

Help Chris Cosentino Cook This Year's Head to Tail Dinner at Incanto

Photograph by offalchris
Chris Cosentino is looking for help for his 6th Annual Head to Tail Dinner at Incanto. This would be an awesome experience:
Now’s your chance to learn. I will be accepting 2 volunteers to help with the event this year. You get to come into my kitchen and help cook 2 nights of head [...]

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