6th Annual Head to Tail Dinner at Incanto

Photograph of an 85 pound pig's head by Chris Cosentino.

Chris Cosentino posted the menu for the 6th Annual Head to Tail Dinner at his restaurant Incanto, a five-course meal that features "not everything from head to tail — just the parts you usually don't eat."

This year he's doing it for two days: Monday March 23 and Wednesday March 25. $75 per person for the five-course menu, excluding beverages, service, and tax. With an optional wine pairing.

We contacted Cosentino to find out what, exactly, Cordedda is, but he replied, enigmatically, "Secret."

Update: Terrence Geary from Artisan Matters wrote in and informed us that Cordedda is, in fact, a Sardinian braided lamb intestine, referencing an entry on Bibliobuffet.


6th Annual Head to Tail Dinner Menu at Incanto

Venison heart tartare, foie gras & ciccioli brioche

Goose intestines with fava beans & artichokes

Big brain, little brain with asparagus

Cordedda with peas, mint & sheep’s milk polenta

Coffee & Doughnuts: pork liver, blood, chocolate, espresso


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