Andrew Zimmern Face Tattoo [wtf]

Ohio-based tattoo artist Ben Hatfield might just be Andrew Zimmern's number one fan. So much so that not only did he get Andrew Zimmern's face tattooed on his leg, but then to make sure he got attention for it, he mailed in pictures to Zimmern. Of course, they got together for an interview:

Zimmern: Many people claim to be Andrew’s number one fan, but you’re the only one who has permanently inked AZ on your body (as far as we know anyhow). Why?

Ben Hatfield: I love Andrew's philosophy of getting to experience other cultures through food. You can tell he has a true passion and love for what he does. There is a very genuine quality about him that really shines through. I know a lot of people watch the program just to see what "gross" thing Andrew will put in his mouth next, which IS entertaining, but my appreciation for what he does goes deeper. To me, Andrew is more like a teacher of tolerance through culinary open-mindedness

Bacon tattoos? We understand. A tattoo of a knife? Go for it. But a tattoo of the face of a cable television host who specializes in eating insects and fermented testicles? Baffling.

OK, we'll bite: If any reader goes ahead and gets an Eat me daily tattoo, we'd totally run the pictures.

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