The Chopping Block Commercial [video]

Last night, NBC aired the first commercial for Chopping Block, the upcoming restaurant reality show with Marco Pierre White. The show, set in New York City, will have eight couples, split into two teams, with each team assigned side-by-side restaurant spaces, where they'll have to endure challenges such as "having less than a week to design and revamp a restaurant space to planning a menu and creating a signature dish."

In the commercial, NBC might be exaggerating a bit when they call him "the world's greatest chef." Maybe he's the world's greatest chef on television?

Either way, he strikes a pretty ominous tone: "Before you kill something... think about it. Kill it to eat it... I think they herd like sheep, safety in numbers. I don't like sheep, unless I'm eating it... They do not know hard it's going to be."

Video: Chopping Block Commercial

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