CT Scans of Food at Radiology Art

CT scan of a McDonald's Big Mac sandwich.

The website Radiology Art uses a GE CT scanner to take three-dimensional scans of everyday objects, going so far as offering Quicktime movies of the object rotating 360 degrees. They describe it as "a project dedicated to the deeper visualization of various objects that hold unique cultural importance in modern society," including "toys, convenience-related foods, and personal electronics."

They've scanned a Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, a Filet-O-Fish, and a Hungry Man TV dinner (where you can see the chicken bones).

CT scan of a Hungry Man TV dinner.

They've even purposefully scanned a banana because "a common problem in Manhattan is that it is virtually impossible to find a banana without a hidden bruise. Fortunately, the MRI scanner can reveal a bruised banana before one is subjected to eating it." The banana-scan includes a Quicktime VR movie where you can rotate the banana yourself in any direction.


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