Cupcake Backlash Backlash

Photograph by ChrisB in SEA

Robin Koelling is not happy with Zoe Williams. Back in January, Williams, called cupcakes "the favourite greedy treat of the me-generation" in The Guardian. Koelling, of Cupcake Interrupted!, was not on board with the hating — in a post titled, "WHO is Zoe Williams??" she writes:

Now I'm confused, seriously. First of all, I don't know what the hell "parsimonious" means, and I'm pretty sure most people have NEVER used it in a sentence (except for Zoe). Secondly, are British people THAT upset about this or is it just Zoe? Could it be that after indulging in too many "standard" size cuppies, she now feels guilty? Are her hands really that big? Is she a closet cupcake lover secretly yearning to come out and join ranks with the rest of the world, united in our love for cupcakes and fairycakes? Hmmm.......indeed.

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