Food Design at Paris des Chef [food art]

Danish chef Thorsten Schmidt’s ice cream flavoured with oak trees from his region (garnished with fir tree shavings) on Eric Benqué’s Burgundy oak dish

The first annual "Paris des Chefs" (website) was held on January 26th at the Maison et Objet trade show, a one-day event that brought together food and design, including chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire and Michel Troisgros.

Wallpaper reports the event "featured nine different creative pairings, combining a chef with a designer, artist, architect, photographer or filmmaker." Luc Dubanchet of the French Omnivore Magazine described it as "imagining food as part of our daily life, showing how it fits into our life as much as literature, as much as photography, as much as architecture." Wallpaper has a slideshow.

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