Gordon Ramsay Wins Two Michelin Stars for French Restaurant Despite Criticism

Gordon Ramsay is reported to have won two Michelin stars for his restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the Trianon Palace Hotel, in Versailles, France, despite criticism from the country's top food critic, François Simon, reports the Telegraph UK. Simon, who served as supposed inspiration for the food critic Anton Ego in Pixar's Ratatouille, was not a fan of Ramsay's food. He told the Telegraph:

It's great for Gordon Ramsay, as he's someone who works very hard and has a great deal of talent and has perfectly understood how international gastronomy functions.

But it's as if you invited me to dinner and offered me a pre-prepared dish you bought from a shop. Of course it's good and you've warmed it up nicely, but I'm not interested in tasting it. I want to taste YOUR food.

It's a cuisine of duplication. In other words, he could open 100 restaurants like this one, the only limit being a human one – he needs to find 100 chefs. Repetitive cuisine is not interesting. It's like a photocopier: it is Xerox food....

Quite frankly, it's just another gastronomic restaurant: boring, pompous and very expensive. It was fine, but I'd already eaten the same thing in Tokyo and all his restaurants in London.

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