Italy Goes Wild for Cupcakes

Photograph from Josephine's Bakery

The British might not be happy about cupcakes' rising international profile, but the Italians sure as heck are. In fact, Reuters reports that not only is Rome going mad for the cupcake — they're attributing it to the Brits.

In style-conscious Italy, cupcakes appeal to more than just the taste-buds, she said, with their suggestion of childhood, fairy tales and the old-fashioned English tea room.

"With their association with well-to-do society and the fine tradition of Victorian tea rooms, they have acquired a sort of romanticism which is often lacking in our own patisserie," Buzzacchi told Reuters ... "You can decorate them as you like, with almost no limits to one's imagination and the results are wonderful," [Maria Coluzzi] said.

Guess that's just how things roll on the Continent.

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