Jamie Oliver's Biggest Mistake

In an interview with the Guardian UK, Jamie Oliver describes the biggest mistake he's made on television:

When I was working in Japan, I was making a pasta dish and I'd just bought a £350 Japanese Samurai-like knife that was made from the finest carbon steel, and I end up lopping off half my finger, live on telly. I had to pretend it never happened, and wrap my towel around my finger so they didn't see the blood rushing out. I carried on cooking like a pure professional, but I didn't tell them there was a bit of my finger in it. And then they ate it! In Japan, they do adverts live in the same studio. So when they cut to adverts, I went, "AAAAAAAAGH!" and the advert was about five metres away from me, live. This poor woman was trying to sell some version of Daz Automatic, and for about four seconds there was me screaming.


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