Killer in the Kitchen

Photograph by C1ssou

Anyone who's read any Bourdain knows that the kitchen is full of crooks and oddballs, but up until his arrest this past summer, Dimitrios Skaftouros was working the line at Nisos, a Greek restaurant in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, Cityfile reports. Skaftouros, for those of you not up on your INTERPOL, was an international fugitive wanted for a savory, seasonal mix of murder, kidnapping, and extortion.

Weirdly enough, the report of his capture (which was featured in an episode of the A&E show Manhunters) only mentions that he's being charged with one count of "making false statements to federal officers," which carries with it some minor jail time and three years' parole. Um, really? You can kill a dude in Greece and come back to the US and then not face extradition? That's a fact that we might not want getting out there too much.

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