Little Gordon Ramsay to Terrorize Contestants on Hell's Kitchen (updated)

Update: The episode of Hell's Kitchen with Little Gordon Ramsay aired Tuesday, October 6th, 2009. See the video here.

After watching clips on YouTube of "Little Gordon," Gordon Ramsay hired the nine-year-old to terrorize contestants on Hell's Kitchen in the US and The F Word in the UK. Little Gordon was a series of web videos for, a restaurant recruiting firm, featuring a young Gordon Ramsay going ballistic on inept restaurant managers, school lunch ladies, and his own mom.

The Mirror reported:

When Ramsay saw them he told Hell’s Kitchen producers to track down Felix. And three weeks ago they flew the schoolboy and his mum Emma Hickey out to Los Angeles.... Felix will appear on Hell’s Kitchen giving contestants a Ramsay-style dressing down in scenes to be screened next month.

Video: Little Gordon - part 1

Video: Little Gordon - part 2

Video: Little Gordon - part 3

Video: Little Gordon - Outtakes

Update: The episode of Hell's Kitchen with Little Gordon Ramsay is set to air Tuesday, October 6th, 2009. See video here.

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