Michelle Obama and Cristeta Comerford on Local, Healthy Food in the White House [video]

Photograph from New York Times

On Sunday, Michelle Obama gave students from a local culinary school and reporters a preview of the official White House dinner for governors. In this video from C-SPAN, the students pepper White House Chef Cristeta Comerford with questions about how to get a job in the White House kitchen, locally sourcing food, and on interacting with other area chefs.

Mrs. Obama praised the kitchen staff, saying that they make "some mean waffles and grits," and appreciates their focus on healthy preparations and on locally-sourced food: "When it's local, oftentimes it tastes really good, and when you’re dealing with kids, you want to get them to try that carrot. My kids are more inclined to try different vegetables if they're fresh and local and delicious."

Alice Waters can eat her (local, sustainable, humanely-raised) heart out.

Video: Inside the White House Kitchen

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