New Massachusetts Law Helps Allergy Sufferers Help Themselves

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Katherine Mangu-Ward cross-posts to Crispy on the Outside and Hit & Run about a Massachusetts law that requires all restaurateurs to include a note on their menus telling customers to inform their servers if they have any food allergies. As if that's not stupid enough...

There’s also a voluntary program where restaurants can create a book with all the ingredients they use in every dish and thus be certified “Food Allergy Friendly.” Hilarious syntax aside—are the restaurants pro-allergy?—this program is a classic example of legislation that need not be. If restaurants want to make their ingredients list available and advertise that to allergy sufferers, more power to them. In fact, Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger, who has been pushing this legislation for years, already does this at his restaurant.

Did we mention that the State Senator who sponsored the bill is named Cynthia Stone Creem? Not that it's relevant. But that is a truly spectacular name.

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