Noby Noby Boy for PS3 from Keita Takahashi, Creator of Katamari Damacy [video]

Noby Noby Boy (のびのびBOY) is a bizarre new game released last week for the PlayStation 3. Designed by Keita Takahashi, the creator of the hugely popular Katamari Damacy series, the player uses the PS3 controller's dual analog sticks to guide Boy, a worm-like quadrupedal character whose front and rear ends operate independently.

The goal is to stretch to extreme lengths by eating (and pooping) everything around you: fruit, animals, and humans, and then, as your capabilities expand, you get to eat larger items like houses cars, and trees. You also get to eat doughnuts!

The game is downloadable and priced at $4.99 in the US. And to top it off, the website has a great URL:

In an interview with Takahashi, he explained the name of the game:

"Noby Noby" = "nobinobi," an everyday Japanese word, commonly seen in newspapers or on TV. According to the dictionary, it means, "relaxed, free, and without worry," "open-minded and free," "calm and without pretense." I chose the title both because it's something lacking in this day and age, and also because it sounded good as a game title. The reason we kept it "Noby Noby" even outside Japan was because I thought it would be fun if people started using the word overseas the same way it's used in Japanese.

Video: Noby Noby Boy Gameplay


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