Ordering Dessert Isn't an Indulgence [rants]

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Sadie over at Jezebel is really tired of restaurant servers pretending to conspire with her about ordering dessert:

Trying to "tempt" me or winkingly insinuate that there's something naughty about getting a piece of cake or generally carrying on as though we're somehow putting something over on someone by having a sweet is offensive. Because you know what? There's nothing particularly "decadent" or wild about ordering dessert. Is it because I'm a woman, and it's supposed to be taboo and naughty and yogurt-commercial-ish for me to be treating myself? Is the implication that I'm sneaking something or cheating on a diet?

You may say I'm overreacting, that it's in my head like when I worry waiters think I'm my father's younger girlfriend and I call him "Dad" unnecessarily loudly in front of them. Perhaps. But I have felt the dessert girls club imposed upon me, and cringed at it, and not two nights ago while dining out with a group of female friends, a waitress leaned over the table conspiratorially and in the voice of an indulgent nanny said, "do you like chocolate and peanut butter?"

While we've noticed a lot lately that advertisements of the donut and candy bar variety have been using words like "indulge" and "treat yourself," we've never actually noticed a server trying to tempt us with conspiratorial language. But now we're on the lookout for it.

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