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General Mills Reissuing Vintage Cereal Box Designs

Hot on the heels of PepsiCo's appeal to nostalgia, General Mills has been quietly reissuing vintage cereal box designs for Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Kix, Wheaties, and Golden Grahams. We hadn't realized how insidiously the boxes of our favorite breakfast products had been visually busying themselves up — these clean, colorblock [...]

So, Can Celebrities Cook or What?

In this month's Allure magazine, after ten thousand words on this season's hot new lipcolor, there was, randomly, a page filled with celebrities answeing the question "Can you cook?" Our favorites:
Tim Gunn: I cook all the time. Every night, in fact. I almost never eat out.
Blake Lively: I'm an amazing cook. I love to bake.
Michael [...]

South Park Commercial Parodies Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [video]

Comedy Central is running a commercial for South Park's upcoming season that parodies Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign— except instead of the Pepsi logo, they're using the characters' heads and inane phrases. They've totally got the style down: the bounciness, the colors, the typeface.
Pepsi's redesigned logo was derided as a shameless ripoff of Barack [...]

Model Julie Henderson's Grandfather, Samuel Henderson, Invented a Grapefruit

Photograph from Texas A&M Horticulture
After some blogs called Julie Henderson, a model who recently appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, unflattering things like a "high fallutin' call girl" and a "golddigger," her publicist sent out a press release informing us that she really isn't:
Julie Henderson comes from a good family. Her grandfather Samuel Henderson [...]

Stephen Colbert Asks: Should We Bail Out Sbarro? [video]

In this video from last night's The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert ponders whether or not it makes sense to bail out the pizza chain Sbarro, since it was recently flagged as a company on the brink:
Everyone knows the finest cheese is aged, and no cheese slice sits out longer than the ones in Sbarro. So [...]

'Eat, Drink and Be Messy' Tea Towel by Marc&Anna

We loved the "Eat, Drink and Be Messy" tea towel by the graphic design consultancy MARC&ANNA:
Our present for Christmas 2008 was something practical – a tea towel for mopping up all of those inevitable spillages.
If only it were available for sale. [via]

Schrambling, Decoded

Regina Schrambling files a post on the South Beach Wine And Food Festival. We try to help decode by adding relevant links:
Times must not be as tight as all the headlines are hollering... Apparently there was some kind of circle jerk going on down in Miami, where all manner of reincarnations of Marie Antoinette were [...]

Noby Noby Boy for PS3 from Keita Takahashi, Creator of Katamari Damacy [video]

Noby Noby Boy (のびのびBOY) is a bizarre new game released last week for the PlayStation 3. Designed by Keita Takahashi, the creator of the hugely popular Katamari Damacy series, the player uses the PS3 controller's dual analog sticks to guide Boy, a worm-like quadrupedal character whose front and rear ends operate independently.

The goal is [...]

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