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Exploding Food Strobographs by Patterson Beckwith at Mesler&Hug [food art]

detail of Untitled (Big Mac Strobograph i, 20 µs x 5, 2008)., 16x20 C-print, 2008, Patterson Beckwith
Currently on display at the gallery Mesler&Hug in Los Angeles is the work of photographer Patterson Beckwith. The show includes strobographs (high speed photographs) of exploding foodstuffs like Big Macs, french fries, milk shakes, and other objects. [via]

Making Fish Sauce on Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin [video]

Saturday night, Food Network aired the pilot for Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin. Jeff Corwin is best known as the host and executive producer of the Animal Planet shows The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin's Quest — no stranger to a camera, Corwin comes off a pretty affable and knowledgeable guy.
The pilot, set in [...]

Up for Auction: Michael Jackson's Collection of Life-Size Chefs and Butlers

In April, Julien's Auctions is selling off items belonging to Michael Jackson. Beyond the rather impressive stockpile of arcade games and Disneyana, beyond the collection of antique scales and espresso machines, is Michael Jackson's collection of life-size chefs, butlers, and maids (six in total). There must be an explanation as to why one of the [...]

Why Heston Blumenthal Shaves His Head

The Guardian tells us why Heston Blumenthal shaves his head: "Remember the bear with the big red hair in the cartoon series Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch? Well, if I grow my hair it grows like that, so I don't have much choice," he says. [via]

Pie-Throwing on The Amazing Race [video]

In this week's episode of The Amazing Race, in Austria, the teams had to throw schlag pies at each other's faces until they found one with cherry filling. (Schlag pies are whipped cream pies usually fortified with egg whites and extra sugar). We did appreciate that some of the contestants actually ate the pie, and [...]

Last Bag of Woolworths Pic 'n' Mix Auctioned for £14,500

The last bag of Woolworths pic’n’mix in the UK was auctioned off on eBay for £14,500.10 ($21,000 US). The BBC reports (with video):
Ed Adams, a Woolworths store manager, filled the pic'n'mix just before his shop in Petts Wood, Bromley, south London, closed for the last time. The money will go to the Retail Trust, a [...]

Cured Rolled Face (With Tongue)

Over on Ryan Farr's website, he carefully documents his techniques for foodstuffs like bacon, bacon mayo, hotdogs, and how to butcher half a pig.
But what got us was Cured Rolled Face: a pig's face and tongue, cured for five days. The ears are julienned and the tongue diced, all rolled up tight inside the face. [...]

Michelle Obama and Cristeta Comerford on Local, Healthy Food in the White House [video]

Photograph from New York Times
On Sunday, Michelle Obama gave students from a local culinary school and reporters a preview of the official White House dinner for governors. In this video from C-SPAN, the students pepper White House Chef Cristeta Comerford with questions about how to get a job in the White House kitchen, locally sourcing [...]

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