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Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home: The Good Life Well Within Reach [cookbook review]

Culinary subtlety is not Jamie Oliver’s strong suit. Leave frail wisps of flavor, prissy ingredients, and foam concoctions to Vongerichten and Achatz — Oliver believes growing, cooking and eating food should be a literally down-to-earth experience.
As he makes clear in Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life (Hyperion, buy from Amazon), [...]

MoMA Design Store's Destination Seoul Collection

The MoMA Design Store's latest collection, Destination Seoul, features exclusive lifestyle products from Korean designers. Included in the collection are a Bird and Cloud Salt and Pepper Shakers ($38); a Sandwich Sponge ($10), a sponge designed and packaged to resemble a piece of bread; the Spoon and Chopsticks Napkin Set ($3), featuring place markings for [...]

Watchmen Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee [tie-ins]

As part of the endless market saturation that's prefacing the March 6 release of the Watchmen movie, Warner Bros has partnered with the Organic Coffee Cartel to produce a limited-edition tin of Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee.
Watchmen fans will be all a-squee over this particularly subtle bit of cross-branding — the official product description [...]

Michael Jackson's Fire Engine Tea Kettle Up for Auction

In April, items from Michael Jackson's "private collection" at Neverland Ranch will be put up for auction. The Guardian UK has a slideshow of some of the items, including a Brevetti Gaggia espresso and cappuccino machine ($1000-$2000), his Rolls Royce limousine ($140,000 - $160,000), and this charming little fire engine tea kettle with moving wheels [...]

Chopped: Dog Food, Raw Chicken, and Tears [video]

Last night's Chopped was a monumental disaster, providing some of the most revolting and horrifying food we've ever seen. From a "vegetarian" "trio" that looked like so many lumps of dog food, to the raw chicken served to the judges, to the mangled and sad desserts — we just couldn't look away.
It's disheartening, particularly after [...]

Real Sugar Used in 'Pepsi Throwback' and 'Mountain Dew Throwback'

Hot on the heels of food trends reverting to WWII-era frugality and simplicity, Pepsi will be releasing Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback — reissues of the original soda formulas, made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.
This is excellent news for the kind of soft drink purist who would ship a [...]

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Packaging Design

Today, Starbucks introduced their VIA Ready Brew, or what they're calling "a breakthrough in instant coffee," $20 for 24 single-serve packets. What we liked most was the packaging: the box is cut out to evoke the shape of a paper coffee cup.

Time Magazine Names Slashfood One of 25 Best Blogs for 2009

Time magazine has included Slashfood in its roundup of the "25 Best Blogs for 2009," and we diagnose a serious case of WTF. We realize these "Best Blogs" roundups are just pageview-generating linkbait, but really? Slashfood? Based on their blurb, the folks at Time are reading some version of Slashfood we've never seen:
Slashfood is a [...]

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