Ricky Gervais Interviewed by Jamie Oliver

Ricky Gervais did a Q and A with Jamie Oliver for his new magazine ("He's like Oprah bloody Winfrey.") and Gervais went ahead and included the entire interview on his blog, writing "don't buy the mag - he's rich enough. Here's the Q and A for free. Pukka."

They've worked together in the past — Oliver did a segment with him for Comic Relief back in 2007 (video after the jump), where Oliver spoofs himself by eating fast food, saying "I haven't been seen on TV caring about anything in 3 1/2 days."

Anyway, it's almost hard to believe this interview is even for real, but here's an excerpt:

Oliver: Do you like to cook - are you any good?
Jervais: Not really and no.

What are you cooking me when I come round for dinner?
Jane will be cooking and I'll be in charge of drinks....

Which of your show biz mates is the best cook?
Probably Sly Stallone. He does that thing with spinning the dough above his head when he makes me pizza.

And the worst?
David Bowie. Always makes the same thing. Dairylea slices with Ritz crackers. Awful.

Ricky, for my wife five years ago on Valentine's Day, I cooked naked as a treat. I had a new convection oven and I roasted a whole sea bass with herbs mmmm v. nice... as I opened the oven door the steam whooshed out and burned my penis v. badly. Not nice! Have you ever cooked in a provocative way for true love??
I can't see how you stumbling around the kitchen naked with your tackle on fire is a treat, It must have looked like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. You're a fool.

What foods remind you of your childhood?
Roasts and Plumrose hotdogs.

What's your favourite restaurant these days apart from 15?
Park Avenue in Upper East Side New York. They change the menu and decor with the seasons. It's amazing

Do you ever get take-aways? If so who? and any good?
Rarely because not many curry houses do free range organic chicken. I get the odd vegetarian curry though.

Do you have a guilty food secret?
Look at me. How is there a secret? Actually I'm pretty good on the whole but my vice is cheese and wine....

When I say these names what is the first thing that comes in to your head?
Jamie Oliver?
Before today I would have said "nice bloke" but now I'm thinking of a little fat div running round a kitchen patting his meat and two veg with a smoldering oven glove...

Gordon Ramsay?
He waxes I bet.


What's the weirdest thing you've had in your mouth?
Often my foot.

Video: Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver on Comic Relief 2007

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