The Great British Food Fight Wrapup

Last week, the UK's Channel 4 ran a multi-format series called The Great British Food Fight, where four of the UK’s most renowned chefs tackled issues surrounding local food and animal welfare. We covered each of the programs individually and included video clips, because (a) these shows are all very good, and (b) it's unlikely that these programs are going to air anywhere else outside of the UK.

  • First up was Ramsay's Great British Nightmare with Gordon Ramsay — basically a double episode of the more serious UK version of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Here Ramsay tries to fix two restaurants, preaching the local angle, but frames it within the context of a national crisis.
  • Next was Big Chef Takes On Little Chef with Heston Blumenthal, a three-part documentary in which Blumenthal, of the Michelin three-starred Fat Duck, is charged to remodel and reinvigorate the Little Chef chain of 180 roadside restaurants. We also devoted an entire post to the graphic and interior redesign.
  • Then onto Jamie Saves Our Bacon with Jamie Oliver, an education campaign to get consumers to purchase local pork products and support their struggling national pork industry. He shifts the argument from local food being more tasty or better for the environment, but to one of national consequence.
  • And finally, Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall which chronicled his attempts to get Tesco, the grocery chain and UK's biggest chicken retailer, to improve the welfare of the chicken it sells.

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