Tom Vilsack's Parents' Questionable Weight-Loss Techniques

In an interview with the Washington Post, Tom Vilsack, the new Secretary of Agriculture, shares his thoughts on local food ("In a perfect world, everything that was sold, everything that was purchased and consumed would be local."), school lunches, the role of the USDA, and — most interestingly — his difficult, personal, childhood relationship with food:

Food during my early years was a very difficult issue for me. I grew up in an addictive family. My mother had serious problems with alcohol and prescription drugs. I was an overweight kid. I can remember back in those days there weren't the strategies that there are today to deal with those issues. So my parents put this very nasty cartoon of a very overweight young kid with a beanie cap and pasted it on the front of the refrigerator. So every time I opened the refrigerator I had to look at that picture.

Well, that's one way to deal with the obesity problem. But seriously, oh my god, that is terrible. We feel for the guy.

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