Yobbos in Oz Move To Ban Vegemite

Ripping a page out of Mike Bloomberg's how-to-build-a-nanny-state playbook, a preventative health task force in Australia is reportedly taking aim at the nation's bonzer brekkie spread, the salty, savory, pungent brown paste known as Vegemite (comprised almost exclusively of yeast extract and salt, yum!)

Though Vegemite is owned by U.S.-based Kraft, it's considered one of Australian's national foods – right up there with Chiko Rolls, Violet Crumbles, Tim Tams and pie floaters.

Canberra's beef with the beloved puce paste is its high salt content. The task force has been saddled with limiting fat, sugar and salt content in food to stymie the country's swelling obesity crisis – various cheeses, jams and preserves are also under threat and may disappear from grocery shelves if the force pushes its agenda through.

Deputy premier Julia Gillard is joining the blue against the threatened ban and has pledged to nut out the controversy, declaring, "I am a very happy Vegemite eater... Vegemite is part of being Australian, part of our history, part of our future, and Ill be continuing to wake up in the morning and have it on my toast," The Independent reports.

–Special EMD contributor Kathleen Willcox

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