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The Dinner Party Download [podcasts]

We recently came across KPCC's Dinner Party Download, a radio show on NPR hosted by a pair of young Marketplace contributors, Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam. This bi-monthly show aims "to help you win this weekend's dinner party," packing music, celebrity interviews, and food news into an easily-digestible fifteen-minute podcast.
Technologically, they're totally on it, [...]

More Dharma Chef Patch Photographs [Lost]

In last week's episode of Lost, we found out that Hurley's job assignment in the Dharma Initiative was as a cook in the cafeteria — and Jorge García recently put up a couple of posts to his blog with much clearer photos of the patch and jumpsuit. The jumpsuit does, in fact, say "Chef."

The Trojan Hog on Heston's Roman Feast [video]

The latest episode of Heston's Feasts had Heston Blumenthal mining the Roman era for recipes—one of the dishes from this episode was the Trojan Hog: a whole pig cooked sous vide in a hot tub, spit-roasted, brought whole to the table, and then sliced open so that sausages mimicking intestines fall out.

A little pompously, Blumenthal [...]

Food Olds Discover This Is Why You're Fat

Mark Bittman finally discovered This Is Why You're Fat, twittering: "Has everyone but me seen 'this is why you're fat?'"
And because of Bittman, Ruth Reichl saw it for the first time, too! She replies: "@bittman I was much happier NOT having seen that. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly gross."
On to Emily Nunn, twittering: [...]

Seductive Pizza-Eating in 30 Rock's Phone Sex Commercial [video]

In last week's 30 Rock, Jenna Maroney revealed to the writers' room that Liz Lemon did a commercial for a chat line 1-(900) OK-FACE: "When we were living back in Chicago, and Liz was still trying to be an actress, the only job she ever booked was for a local phone sex line, and they [...]

Jamie Oliver Is the Top-Selling Author in Britain

Last year's sales receipts have been tallied, and Jamie Oliver is now officially Britain's top-selling author — not only beating out cookbook sales arch-rival Nigella Lawson, but also JK Rowling. Forget what this means for the food industry; poor old Harry Potter is going to have to start lobbying for proper magic education in schools [...]

Integrated Countertop Staircase

Apartment Therapy ran some photos of a kitchen in Victoria, Australia that has a staircase incorporated into the countertop. Or is it a countertop incorporated into the staircase? Either way, it simultaneously gives us flashbacks to the exhilaration of climbing on the countertop as a child, and a creepy-crawly fear of getting shoe-dirt into our [...]

Faces from The Simpsons Made With Food [video]

Here's the opener from the most recent episode of The Simpsons, the ever-changing segment Simpsons couch gag, reworked with plates composed as the Simpsons faces: Homer as a salad, Lisa as a soup, Marge as spaghetti and meatballs, Bart as a rib-eye steak, and Maggie as an after-dinner mint.

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