A Visit to the 2009 International Restaurant and Food Service Show

Nueske's gave out slices of bacon, making it a perfect day

So we made it out the International Restaurant and Food Service Show in New York City yesterday, a combination of:

  • Food purveyors and distributors handing out samples.
  • Food purveyors and distributors not handing out samples.
  • A Japanese pavilion of frozen food, fake food (krab), and some very good sake.
  • Restaurant equipment on display: fridges, ovens, soft ice cream machines, and gadgets.
  • PMQ’s New York Pizza Show: commercial pizza distributors and some olive oil vendors. The pizza on offer was just sad.

It wasn't all bad, though: Some purveyors were really friendly and super-generous, accommodating the hungry crowds.

David's Cookies had mountains of display-only cookies:

Master Purveyors, a distributor, won our award for best food, serving up two-ounce 80/20 burgers on a half bun. The crowds would form as the burgers got close, they'd all get snatched away, and the cycle would repeat. Cooked to a lovely medium rare.

Tom Cat Bakery won runner-up for best food, serving up generously-portioned brownies:

Rougié was cooking up samples of their IQF Canadian foie gras:

Table Talk was there:

We'd rather not imagine the possibilities:

Lots of equipment:

We liked the lady working the the pittoon stand. What are pittoons you ask? They're tableware designed with holes for olive pits. Genius.

Americhicken was serving samples of their industrial glazed chicken nuggets:

There were orange clogs available for sale:

We fancied the restaurant pizza pager:

City Lights was casting for Chopped, with this super-Photoshopped picture of Ted Allen that made him look ten years younger:

And finally, at PMQ’s New York Pizza Show, there was a display of advertising "solutions" for takeout pizza boxes:

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