Bernie Madoff's First Meal in Jail

Poor Bernie Madoff. Not only does everyone in the entire world completely hate him, but now that he's in jail, he has to eat crap:

Prisoner No. 61727-054 spent his first night at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in isolation in a special housing unit, known as "the box."

He munched on a microwaved meal of frozen chicken patties and canned string beans delivered to his cell in a Styrofoam container.

"Think of the worst school lunch you ever had," said a woman who visited another inmate at the lower-Manhattan jail yesterday. "The food that they give is like garbage."

As one veteran defense attorney, who has had several clients locked up in the jail, put it: "Le Cirque it ain't."

Chicken and string beans? Heck, that's more square than we usually have for dinner. Serve the guy store-brand cup noodles, some dried-out pre-shredded Kraft cheddar, and a plastic cup of sulfur-tinged tap water, then maybe we'll start feeling some sympathy. Maybe.


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