Big Deals: Sandra Beasly to Write About Being Allergic to Everything

Sandra Beasly, an editor for The American Scholar and a contributor to the Washington Post, who has "a large range of life-threatening allergies to things such as milk, eggs, soy, etc." has landed a book deal, reports Publisher's Weekly. Says PW:

Crown executive editor Heather Jackson preempted world rights to Sandra Beasley's Don't Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life; Glen Hartley at Writers' Representatives made the sale. In this sometimes humorous memoir, poet and American Scholar editor Beasley will intertwine her personal experience—she is allergic to well over a dozen common foods—with the cultural history of allergy. Beasley, who at one time had a brief stint as a food critic, is the author of the poetry collection Theories of Falling, published by New Issues. Crown's pub date is late 2010.

And look: Sandra Beasly has a blog called Chicks Dig Poetry.

From an interview, we learn that she started her blog "because of 'Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats,' my internet doppelganger who is a renowned expert on alternative medicine for rodents... Her name was already all over the web, and I knew unless I actively established my own identity, there were going to be some confused Googlers in the poetry world."

The original poems that form the basis of the book are all online: Allergy Girl I, Allergy Girl II, Allergy Girl VII, and Allergy Girl VIII. Here's a sample:

The one who walked me to the library
after our first dinner date. Café Europa
used goat milk in the pita. He’d touched me
with feta on his fingers. I smiled tightly.
He rounded the corner. I called the ambulance.

The same ex who admitted,
when I visited him last week,
I’ve been eating cottage cheese and yogurt
to ensure a G-rated goodbye.

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