Bill and Nicolette Niman Want Chickens on the White House Grounds [enough]

The soil at the White House is only freshly-turned, not a single fruit or vegetable has yet to be harvested, but that's not going to stop everyone from trying to push their own agenda on the Presidential harvest. Bill Niman and Nicolette Hahn Niman, writing for The Atlantic's The Food Channel, suggest that the "logical next step" is "a flock of egg-laying hens for the White House grounds." It's never enough.

What next? Should we turn the White House into an organic farm-to-table Noah's Ark? Maybe the Obamas should get some cows and make their own cheese? Sasha and Malia can raise sheep and make their own clothes from the wool, maybe manage a little goat herd after school? And we don't want to discriminate, of course, so we might as well as get some ducks and pigs.

Here's our suggestion for the next logical step: Back off and let the veggies grow.

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