Boost Mobile TV Commercial: Pigs Eating Pork [suicide food, video]

From Boost Mobile's series of "Unwronged" commercials comes this one with pigs. Out at dinner, one of the pigs, eating ham, turns to the camera and says: "I like a nice ham. You think that's wrong? We're just enjoying the flavors of a fallen friend."

This falls under the genre of "suicide food," which is thoroughly documented on the website of the same name. Thanks to the blog Young and Hungry for providing this quote from Mark Morton's essay on the subject, from the latest issue of Gastronomica:

This notion that the natural world is not antagonistic to humans—”nature, red in tooth and claw,” as Tennyson put it three centuries later—but rather that it willingly bends itself to comply with human desire, is a version of what literary critics call the pathetic fallacy. Sometimes dismissed as jejune, the pathetic fallacy can, at its best, offer us a vision of a world where humans and their environment coexist in harmony. But at its worst, the pathetic fallacy can become a grotesque fantasy of self-indulgence. In the culinary world, that began to happen about a century ago in print advertisements that depicted animals perversely and gleefully seeking their own slaughter—all in a bid to satisfy human consumption.

Video: Boost Mobile TV Commercial: Pigs Eating Pork

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