Celebrity Apprentice: Cupcake Baking and Selling in Midtown Manhattan [video]

Just wow. The new season of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice started up last night, featuring the most random collection celebrities ever put together on the same show: Joan and Melissa Rivers, Dennis Rodman, Tom Green, Scott Hamilton, Khloe Kardashian, Andrew Dice Clay, Clint Black, Brian McKnight, Herschel Walker, etc etc. See the full list at the Apprentice website.

The challenge for the painfully-long two hour premiere: bake a whole mess of cupcakes at the Institute of Culinary Education and then sell them out of a street truck which they get to "design." Whoever made the most money won! And it all goes to charity!

Of course, it's a reality show, and there are A-, B-, and C-list celebrity egos involved, so the inevitable drama ensues. To make things more painful: neither team can manage to follow a recipe — even under the watchful eye of chef instructors, one team forgot to add sugar and the other team accidentally swapped baking soda for baking powder.

Then things get even more dizzyingly epic with appearances from Playboy Bunnies and Tony Hawk — hell, even the Naked Cowboy gets involved.

Update: Hulu posted the entire episode, embedded after the jump:

The Entire Episode

Video: Andrew Dice Clay Don't Bake No Cupcakes

Video: Cupcake Disaster (Two Parts)

Video: Jesse Inspects the Truck

Video: Annie Annoys Brande

Video: Dennis Rodman Stays in the Truck

Video: Tom Green Raps

Video: Playboy Bunnies

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