Food-Inspired Typefaces by Vetteletters

Yesterday MyFonts, the online purveyor of fonts, started selling the food-based typefaces of Vetteletters, the type foundry by Dutch designer Donald® aka Donald Roos. The above treatment uses the typeface VLNL Sardines, only $35!

VLNL Bint: Donald made this typeface with ten kilos of fresh Bintje potatoes — the most popular potato for french fries in Belgium and France — and "cut the Bint typeface with a short, sharp knife."

VLNL Spaghetti Bolognese: features automated special sauce where "each lowercase character before or after a space receives a nice little ball to round things off."

VLNL Knoffel: a hand-drawn typeface reminiscent of garlic cloves.

VLNL Gaufre: Inspired by Gaufres Liegeois, Gaufre is "a pixel-based font with holes. Each character is built from a kind of dry dog food or square doughnut-like elements."

VLNL Brokken: A typeface made of "nice big 'n greasy monospaced chunks," "ideal for posters and wristbands."

You can see more of his typefaces at the Vetteletters website, a typography website / food blog, with photosets of the process behind chocolate Cyrillic lettering and letter cookies.

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