Francis Lam's Crazy Koshary Recipe

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Writing for Gourmet, Francis Lam goes a little crazy with his recipe for koshary, an Egyptian snack consisting of carbs piled on carbs piled on carbs (okay, it's actually rice topped with lentils topped with pasta topped with spices). It's a great recipe, expands the reader's culinary horizons, and basically delivers a giant spitball in the eye of the Gourmet style guide. Check this yield line out:

Makes a ton. Or enough to feed 4 carbo loaders, or like 8 people as a side.

"Like 8 people"? Be still our hearts. But Lam's just getting started. After instructing us to caramelize an onion, he offers helpful advice: "you do realize that caramelizing an onion is not the same as burning an onion, right? It will take a long-ass time. Do other things, but don’t let it burn, homie!" And at times he verges towards the pornographic: "Oh God, I’m getting hungry. Toss it, and let it toast for a while. It will start to dry up a little bit and get chewy. Yeah."

All in all we find it a refreshing change of tone from the magazine's usual recipe format of detached, robotic instruction. But we doubt we'll be seeing language like this in the print version anytime soon.

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