Get a Job: Undercover Airport Restaurant Worker

We came across this weird job listing: working as an undercover spy in a restaurant at LaGuardia Airport. Get underpaid to do two jobs at once!

They don't give a lot of information — who are you spying on? What for? Are you chasing down the guy who brings steaks home? Or is it a matter of national security? Either way, you get to live out your Julia Child fantasy, working as an undercover operative while working with food.

The job description:

Data Quest Investigations is looking for a highly motivated person to work in an undercover capacity at a restaurant in La Guardia Airport. A background with restaurant experience is a must and security work is helpful. The ideal candidate should be a self starter and able to work with little supervision. Bi-Lingual in Spanish would be preferred. Must have excellent report writing and communication skills. A clean background is mandatory. Candidate must have reliable transportation or the ability to get to job location with public transportation for scheduled shifts. Must be willing to work holidays and weekends.

Holidays and weekends!

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