Jamie Lauren Vs. Eric Ripert's 'Banged-Up' Pans

Still from the Top Chef Le Bernardin episode

Jamie Lauren, Top Chef ejectee, when asked by Andrew Zimmern what it was like doing a challenge in the kitchen at famed New York restaurant Le Bernardin. Lauren defended her elimination on that episode, saying:

Eric Ripert's kitchen was intense and intimidating. I couldn't find anything I needed. The pots and pans were kind of old and banged up.

We rewatched the episode of Top Chef at Le Bernardin, and we gotta say, there's absolutely no evidence of "old and banged up" pans. There might have been shots that were edited out showing the messed-up equipment at Le Bernardin, but at a three-star Michelin restaurant, we're willing to give Ripert the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps things are different in sunny San Francisco, where Lauren is a chef at Absinthe Brasserie & Bar. We heard that in San Francisco, the kitchens are big, the pans are all shiny and new, even restaurant workers get government-ordered sick days.

But blaming the pots for your own failed dish? That's a sucker move.

Still from the Top Chef Le Bernardin episode

Still from the Top Chef Le Bernardin episode

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