Jamie Oliver on Nightline [video]

On Friday night, Nightline ran a segment on Jamie Oliver's media empire and social campaigns for school lunches, healthy eating, and animal welfare. It's kind of a total fluff piece, and nothing new. But when asked how he raised 280 million pounds ($500 million US) from the British government for school lunches, he answered, "Television."

You certainly need a prime-time TV show. That's the only way you do it in modern day life. If I didn't do Jamie's School Dinner on prime-time Channel 4, with 7 million viewers, with a population of 60 million, you know, no chance.

We liked his suggestion for improving health in the US: "If Obama wants to make one dramatic difference to the health of America, you just have to put a huge tax on sugar, because it's so cheap, and there's four times too much sugar going in everything across the board... In five years, America would get lighter, healthier, more intelligent, and happier."

Video: Jamie Oliver on Nightline

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