Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop Video from Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting posted this great video of a visit to Tom Mylan's Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop in Brooklyn. It's a charming vignette, with Mylan wrangling whole animals, chowing down on some beef sashimi, and sharing his refreshingly no-bullshit philosophy:

Free range, organic, there’s a lot of buzzwords out there that don't really mean anything anymore. That's why having a personal relationship with the people you're getting the meat from is so important. Because words don't always mean what they should. Which is why we opened this place— we know every farm that these are from, we’ve been to most of the farms, so there's accountability all the way along. It comes from the farm to slaughterhouse to us. We’re basically vouching for the meat. This meat is our reputation.

Marlow & Daughters Butcher Shop Video from Cool Hunting

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