'Meshugene Men': Dan Draperberg Sells Mayonnaise [video]

Here's a video from the Shushan Channel to promote their upcoming Purim show at the 92Y Tribeca. called "Meshugene Men," the Jewish version of Mad Men, starring Amy Sedaris as "Netty Draperberg." Her husband "Dan Draperberg," of the advertising firm "Sterling-Kugel," is given a new product to sell: "It's called mayonnaise, apparently the gentiles eat it. On everything. Now they want us to figure out how to sell it to the Jews."

Dan Draperberg breaks into one of his poetic oratories:

You see, mayonnaise is more than just an egg and oil spread — it's a cool breeze on a hot day at summer camp. It's buying your daughter's first Purim costume. It's your great-aunt Sadie leaning over to kiss you, and accidentally brushing you with her goiter.

The slogan they come up with? "Mayonnaise. It's the schmaltz of our lives."

'Meshugene Men': Dan Draperberg Sells Mayonnaise

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