Michael Arrington Tests Durability of New Aquafina Bottles With His Dog

Pepsi, is launching a new environmentally-friendly plastic bottle for Aquafina that contains half the plastic content of the old bottles, and inexplicably, they sent TechCrunch, a blog that covers technology news, a package with the new bottles. Michael Arrington, the site's editor, calls bullshit:

I’m concerned that Pepsi decided to promote its new “eco-friendly” product by proactively shipping, via Fedex overnight, 5 lb boxes of the water to press around the country. And then sending a second batch either in error or to reinforce the message. That’s not very eco-friendly (if anyone knows the carbon cost of sending these boxes, let me know, then multiply it by hundreds or thousands of press). It all seems a little wasteful.

Instead of sampling the water himself, he brings in Laguna, his 105-pound chocolate lab to taste-and stress-test Aquafina's new Eco-fina water and bottles:

Laguna definitely like the taste of Aquafina water (she also eats dirt, and enjoys licking my feet). Next was the durability test. It took her about ten seconds to destroy the bottle, which isn’t good. Pepsi removed about half the plastic from the new bottles, and they clearly aren’t going to hold up to any kind of sustained attacked from a large, well-toothed canine..

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