Morrissey Demands a Meat-Free Venue

Photograph by Cynthia Wang

We're not ashamed to admit that we ourselves have spent time crushed up against the stage during Morrissey concerts, determined to make fleeting eye contact with the legend. But when Page Six reports on Morrissey's vegetarian demands, we reblog:

Morrissey didn't break from his ardent vegetarianism at Webster Hall last night. The singer requested no meat products of any kind be in the building before, during, or after his performance. "There were no deli sandwiches, sushi, pepperoni pizza or anything else that used to have a face," laughs our source. "Even the cleaning staff were happy to do their part by bringing in veggie sandwiches for lunch."

We looked around for a tour rider with specific demands, and we came across one from a show in Israel last year:

All food should be vegetarian. For everyone. Including all crews, stands and attendants inside the venue and in its vicinity. If there is a barbeque spot nearby, the artists' room should be placed so that the wind will not be in their direction. All food should be fresh and healthy and mineral water should be supplied all the time. A balanced diet must be kept and upheld.

Dinner for Morrissey:
Kitchen should be stocked with the following for the artist: peas, spinach, carrots – all steamed. Roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus. Pasta – only with simple tomato sauce. Morrissey does not eat any kind of chili or spices. In addition, the food in the venue (whether sold at the stands or brought by the audience) shall be completely vegetarian – meat will not be allowed inside the venue.

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