New TV Show: Party Down [video]

Party Down is a new comedy series on Starz that premiered this past Friday, one of the funnier shows we've seen on television in a while. It's from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, and written by ex-Veronica Mars writers John Enbom and Dan Etheridge, and funny man Paul Rudd, and stars actors from Freaks and Geeks and The State.

It's about a cater-waiters living in Los Angeles, hustling until they get their big acting break. Each episode is set in a different party, in a different house, and they seem to have a bunch of guest stars lined up, including Kristen Bell. The first episode had Enrico Colantoni as an embittered suburban dad.

Party Down's got that awkward tone you'd find in other shows like Arrested Development or 10 Items or Less, or Judd Apatow films or Waiting for Guffman — and it's totally worth watching.

Party Down Full Episode

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