Nightline on 'Breastaurants' [video]

This just in: boobs are recession-proof, particularly when paired with beer and hot wings. Not surprised? Neither were we, which is why we're annoyed with Nightline's report on the booming "Breastaurant" business in Texas. This story was broken by the Star Telegram out of Fort Worth back in January (link here but it's 404ing, and no archives).

For Nightline, it took two whole reporters to take a tour of Houston's finest tit n' burger joints, taking pictures with the busty, barely clad waitresses and collecting quotes like "If I had a 19-year-old daughter ... this is the only placed I'd want her to work, because I know how committed we are to creating a great environment to work in" from Bone Daddy's founder Mike Leatherwood.

We know food journalism has its crass moments, but when the sole purpose of a restaurant is to sell crappy freezer-to-microwave food and beer at a ridiculous mark-up to "sort of adolescents who are trying to stay young" by distracting them with cleavage, middrifts, and ass cheeks, is it really news? Honestly, that sort of thing has been going on since the dawn of time.

Video: Nightline on 'Breastaurants'

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