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Things We Learned from Trader Joe's Culinary Compendium

Trader Joe's has produced a very strange Culinary Compendium, as they're calling it, riffing on Victorian era almanacs and selling premade food at the same time. The whole thing is a stretch; it seems as though they all got really high and googled "weird trivia." But hey! It's a hoot. Here's what we learned from [...]

Michael Arrington Tests Durability of New Aquafina Bottles With His Dog

Pepsi, is launching a new environmentally-friendly plastic bottle for Aquafina that contains half the plastic content of the old bottles, and inexplicably, they sent TechCrunch, a blog that covers technology news, a package with the new bottles. Michael Arrington, the site's editor, calls bullshit:
I’m concerned that Pepsi decided to promote its new “eco-friendly” product by [...]

The Office: Scotch and Splenda [video]

In last night's The Office, after having given two weeks' notice, Michael Scott was taking it easy and boozin it up at work. His drink of choice? Scotch and Splenda. "Tastes like Splenda, gets drunk like Scotch."

Morrissey Demands a Meat-Free Venue

Photograph by Cynthia Wang
We're not ashamed to admit that we ourselves have spent time crushed up against the stage during Morrissey concerts, determined to make fleeting eye contact with the legend. But when Page Six reports on Morrissey's vegetarian demands, we reblog:
Morrissey didn't break from his ardent vegetarianism at Webster Hall last night. The singer [...]

This Is Why You're White (and Shouldn't Rap) [video]

Here's a video of Richard Blakeley and Jessica Amason, creators of This Is Why You're Fat, rapping at SXSW to the tune of "This Is Why I'm Hot." OK fine, they might have landed a book deal, but they sure can't rap.

NBC Yanks The Chopping Block Off the Air

After three terrible and badly-rated episodes, NBC is pulling The Chopping Block from primetime. (Episode three averaged a positively dreadful 2.6 million viewers up against a two-hour American Idol.)
We were down on the show from the beginning: In our review we called it a "painful to watch" "sloppily-executed crudely-edited mess." The contestants were barely [...]

Meat Face Paintings by Han Hyo-seok [food art]

After posting about Heide Hatry's 'Heads and Tales' exhibit, we were tipped off to a gallery show Zeitgesit by Han Hyo-seok that recently ran at the gallery ARTSIDE in Seoul, Korea. The solo exhibit is of series of portraits — paintings in fact — of people's faces made to look like meat. The artist [...]

Flight of the Conchords Season Finale [video]

The season finale of Flight of Conchords aired Sunday night, and we're sad that it was only ten episodes long. Here are a couple of clips from the show: one of Bret and Jemaine waking up at 11:30 in the morning and banging on stuff in their apartment to make music, the other of "Petrov, [...]

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