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Review: Martha Stewart's Cooking School [cookbooks]

Martha Stewart can have an odd effect on people. I've found, strangely, that she's both soporific and manic: she soothes the perfectionist within, allowing me to relax in the notion that it is totally normal to spend an hour making radish roses for a dinner party, or hand painting tea cups for my niece's birthday. [...]

Cooking Aboard the International Space Station

The International Space Station's "kitchen"
We always thought that astronaut food was dehydrated ice cream and things like boil-in-bag beef stroganoff, but NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus, during her four month stay aboard the International Space Station, has taken what's been called "orbital cooking" to a whole new level.
NASA posted parts of her journal that detail her [...]

Food-Spotting in Lost: Hurley as Dharma Cook [video]

In last night's Lost, we finally found out what Hurley's job assignment was in the Dharma Initiative: a cook at the cafeteria. Delivering waffles to Jack and Kate, he says, "Fresh off the griddle, and don't forget to try the dipping sauces, they really bring out the ham." We loved that there's a Dharma patch [...]

Bobby Flay as the New Don in Promo for The Next Food Network Star [video]

We absolutely loved this 15-second promo for Food Network's The Next Food Network Star, with Bobb Flay strutting down an obscured Chelsea Market, coffee in hand, shiny black shoes, with an air of importance. Because Flay is the Don, Food Network's Tom Colicchio. So much so that literal stars shoot out from underneath his feet. [...]

Rabbit Taco

"Paco Bell" took first place at the Open Rabbit and Cavy costume contest at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. See more at the slideshow by the Houston Chronicle.

Our Picks for the 2008 James Beard Book Awards

There's no denying 2008 was a great year for cookbooks, and there's stiff competition amongst the nominees for the James Beard Foundation's annual book awards across the board.
From Southern home-style to decadent avant garde, the main theme this year was innovation, both literary and culinary. The Foundation has some hard decisions to make, but in [...]

Bill and Nicolette Niman Want Chickens on the White House Grounds [enough]

The soil at the White House is only freshly-turned, not a single fruit or vegetable has yet to be harvested, but that's not going to stop everyone from trying to push their own agenda on the Presidential harvest. Bill Niman and Nicolette Hahn Niman, writing for The Atlantic's The Food Channel, suggest that the "logical [...]

Video: Kyra Sedgwick, Burned by Bernie Madoff, Shakes It for Tropicana [commercials]

Bernie Madoff's trail of economic devastation continues! Kyra Sedgwick, after reportedly losing upwards to $50 million in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, is now shilling for Tropicana in print and in commercials.
It's sort of sad to see Sedgwick, wife of Kevin Bacon and Golden Globe-winner, resigned to shaking it, dancing around her kitchen to Tom Jones', [...]

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