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The Fifth Third Burger Comes to Reality, All 4889 Calories of It

It's official: the "Fifth Third Burger" has made it to the concession stand of the Fifth Third Ballpark, in Comstock Park, MI, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, a minor league baseball team. CNBC reports that the hamburger weighs in at, unsurprisingly, 5/3 pounds of meat (1.66 pounds for the mathematically challenged), should serve about [...]

Cindy Crawford: Rage Against the Bread Machine

Forget avoiding carbs — Cindy Crawford destroys them, with her bare hands, in this photo from Allure magazine.
The caption reads: "'White bread' may be slang for 'innocuous,' but not for your diet." [via]

Meat Shorts Make a Carnivorous Fashion Statement

If I was so inclined, I’d want my man strutting his stuff on the beach in these Bermuda “corpse” shorts courtesy of Weird Clothing Company. Bloody red and well marbled, what better way to show your utmost devotion to your carnivorous endeavors?
Going so far as to replicate packaging, they arrive at your doorstep wrapped on [...]

Clark V. Fox at the CUE Art Foundation [food art]

Currently on display at the CUE Art Foundation in New York City is a solo exhibit by Clark V. Fox, featuring paintings that place the iconic Mr. Peanut alongside appropriated corporate logos and political icons, including Chairman Mao and George Washington.

Curated by Mary Heilmann, this is Clark V. Fox's first solo show in 30 years. [...]

Frog Blancmange on Heston's Tudor Feast [video]

The latest episode of Heston's Feasts had Heston Blumenthal mining the Tudor era for recipes—one of the dishes from this episode was frog blancmange. In Tudor England, blancmange was eaten as a savory dish, and not as a panna cotta dessert. Typically it was packed with chicken meat, but during the 70 or so days [...]

New TV Show: Party Down [video]

Party Down is a new comedy series on Starz that premiered this past Friday, one of the funnier shows we've seen on television in a while. It's from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, and written by ex-Veronica Mars writers John Enbom and Dan Etheridge, and funny man Paul Rudd, and stars actors from Freaks and [...]

John Tesh on Restaurant Hygiene

John Tesh, pianist and composer of pop and contemporary Christian music, radio host and six-time Emmy winner, shares some "Intelligence for Your Life" by twittering about the danger that is menus in restaurants:
The menu in restaurants usually tests positive for staph and fecal matter. Think about it: Everyone touches it, no one cleans it.

Bourdain: 'Sandra Lee's Food Is Collaborating With the Enemy'

Metromix LA interviews Anthony Bourdain:
You and [Food Network Semi-Homemade hostess] Sandra Lee share an affinity for booze. Would you consider drinking with her?
I wouldn't consider it. I could see myself getting drunk with Rachael Ray. By all accounts, she's pretty nice. My only problem with Rachael is the cooking part. Given she stopped cooking, I [...]

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